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Covid update: Older children return
Praise God. The older children from COG and COF are starting to return to the homes. We hope to give you more news of others returning soon too.
They’ve even been able to do a bit of decorating for Christmas.
From everyone at Children of Grace, we hope you had a safe and Happy Christmas.
“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” John 1:14
Covid update: Most have now returned
Most of the boys have now returned to the home, and over half of the girls and boys from COF have returned too. God is good.
Covid update: Second Lockdown

With the severe impact of the pandemic in India right now, all schools and children’s homes have been forced to closed. This means around 100 children from COG and our sister home COF will have to leave the homes for the time being, except for students in 9th and 10th grade.

Thankfully the children have relatives they can live with, but many families live in difficult conditions, even more so now with the impact of Covid-19. We will keep in touch with the children and familie s by phone and will send supplies to those in need.

Please keep the children, their families and the whole of India in your prayers during this difficult time.

Covid update: Supporting Local Families

Thank you all for your prayers and donations during this difficult time in India. With your help, we have been able to send funds to to help support to effort to reach over 200 local families with food and basic necessities. Members of the local church have been working hard putting together parcels and delivering them to those in need.

Return after 2nd lockdown

Such wonderful news! After many months staying with family members due to lockdown for the second time, the boys and girls from Children of Grace and Faith are back and have started a near year at school. Thank you so much for all your support and prayers during the past few months. God is good.

Garden and Playground Fundraiser

COG are raising money to buy land for a garden and a playground for our wonderful boys.

As you may know, we already have a garden and a playground, but the land is currently not owned by us. We have permission from the kind owner to use it for now, but we want to purchase it before it’s sold to someone else.

With your help and with God’s provision, we believe we can reach our initial goal of £15000 soon. Our previous campaigns to buy the land for the home and to build the home surpassed expectation and have resulted in 16 boys calling COG their home. We now want to secure their beautiful garden and playground for the future. So to join something special, please consider donating here: Garden and Playground for COG | Stewardship


COG Playground

The COG playground is taking shape with some new equipment! This may be a small playground, but it’s the perfect place for the boys to chill out and have fun together.

Four new boys

The 4 newest arrivals: Shanthivardham, Durga Prasad, Ajay Ram and Akshay. They’ve been with us a little while now and have all settled in well. Welcome to the home boys!

Please pray for them, especially that they would truly feel at home at COG, would build strong friendships with the other boys, and would grow in character and grace.

Covid Update
Currently all the boys and girls from COG and our sister home have been sent to live with family members under government guidelines. Thankfully most have family members they can live with; a parent, uncle, auntie, or grandparents, though some have stayed back.
The poor in India are particularly struggling at the moment due to shortages and lack of work, so please pray that they would be provided with what they need during this tough time. Pray also that the children will keep close to the Lord, will keep in good spirits, and that they would be a blessing to their families.
Thank you for your prayers.
Covid Update
The 120 boys and girls from COG and our sister home are still currently living away from the homes to be with family due to government guidelines. It’s a really tough time, but the amazing team in India have been busy sending supplies and support to the children and their families. They recently saw Solomon and Amar who live close to each other and who are both doing well.
Please pray that all the children can all return soon and safely, especially so that they can get back to school which has been halted for over 4 months now.


Construction Update

Almost complete! The extension to the home is very nearly ready. Just some windows, doors and a lick of pain and it’ll be ready. It will be suitable for 8 more children but our first goal is to bring in 4 new boys later this year then another 4 in 2020.

Extension Complete!

The boys are excited to have 2 new rooms. A bedroom suitable for 8 more boys and a common room. Thank you to everyone who has donated to make this possible. God gives the growth!

Back to School!

The boys’ summer holidays are over and they are back at school. Please pray for them this academic year. Pray that they would not only grow in their knowledge and understanding, but also in their character and brotherly love.

Mike is back

Our head trustee Mike was able to stop by in India for a couple of weeks to see the boys again. His first trip in over 4 years and his first time seeing the new home.

The Cross is up!

The boys have been busy putting up a cross in COG’s garden. A sign of God’s love for them all.

“May I never boast except in the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ.” Galatians 6:14

Tim and Tish Visit

For 3 weeks Tim and Tish stayed at COG, teaching and spending time with the 100+ children at COG and our sister orphanage Children of Faith. Here they are all smiles with the COG boys. Tim was one of the founding members of COG all the way back in 2012, and he has served as a trustee ever since.


Fundraising for two new rooms

Big news for the home! We are currently raising funds to build two new rooms, which will mean the home will be able to accommodate 24 children in total. So far we are already over half-way to our £17,500 target. Please click here to visit our fundraising page and donate. 

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-06 at 18.48.45(1)
Four new boys

More big news for the home! Four more boys arrived and now the home accommodates for 16 children in total. Thank you so much to all the sponsors and to everyone who has prayed and supported us in reaching this far. The home is now full and we are planning to build two new rooms to accommodate for 24 boys in total.

Update and Prayer Letter

Please click here to see our March 2018 Update and Prayer Letter – including news on our new boys, Cheree’s trip, and out plans to build two new rooms. Please send us an email if you would like to be part of our mailing list.

Video update from Ryan

A video update video from our trustee Ryan. News on the new children and plans for the future.  Please click here to view the video.

Construction of the two new rooms begins

Construction of the two new rooms has begun after the rainy season. Thank you to everyone who has supported this phase of the home. God is good!

Fundraising target for two new rooms reached

Big news! Our target of £17500 has been raised to build two new rooms. This includes furnishings, beds and even solar panels for the roof. Thank you to everyone who has donated and prayed for this cause. 8 more boys will be moving in soon!

Update and Prayer Letter

Please click here to view our September 2018 Update and Prayer Letter – including news on the boys, the progress on the two new rooms and the college fund. Please be praying with us for the children and the home. If you would like to be part of our mailing list, please follow the link on the pray page.

Construction Update

The extension is taking shape! This will include a common room for studying and relaxing, and a new bedroom suitable for 8 more children. Thank you so much for all your support.


Update and Prayer Letter

Please click here to see our February 2017 Update and Prayer Letter – including news on the home, the children, and our sister orphanage Children of Faith Missions.

Emily’s trip to India

Emily is currently on her first trip to India teaching English to the children of Children of Grace Home and Children of Faith Missions. She’s staying for almost three months and is loving every minute. Thank you Emily!

Mim’s mural

Miriam completed her mural ‘Jonah and the Whale meets Finding Nemo’ inside the home. She is on her second trip to India to teach art to the children of Children of Grace Home and Children of Faith Missions. Thank you Mim!

Rosie’s trip to the UK

Rosie Thandu, who runs Children of Grace Home and our sister Orphanage, Children of Faith Missions, came to the UK on a week long trip to share her story at events and churches about how she and her husband, Anand, started an orphanage for just 5 children and how it has now grown to 120 children. She also shared their plans to build a Christian school for 800 children called Hope Academy, where the boys at COG will attend.

Sponsored cycled around England

Our head trustee, Mike, and his two friends, Kieran and Wes, cycled to the Lake District and back from Whitstable for Children of Grace Home and Parkinson’s UK. It was the furthest 2 of them have ever cycled and the furthest they have all cycled in such a short space of time. To donate, please click here.

Summer Update and Prayer Letter

Please click here to read our Summer 207 Update and Prayer Letter – including news on the home, Rosie’s visit to England and Mim and Emily’s visit to India.

One year anniversary of home completion

This month we celebrate one year since the home was complete and twelve boys moved into their new home. Thank you to everyone who helped make this possible. All the glory to God! Please pray as we seek to build two new rooms to accommodate 15 more children.


Building work begins

Construction for the home began. This was big news for everyone involved with Children of Grace Home and the boys in India cannot wait for the home to be completed, which is expected to be in September 2016. The home will be suitable for 20 children and will include a kitchen and common room.

Auto-rickshaw soon to arrive

In 2016 Children of Grace will be getting its very own Auto-Rickshaw thanks to a kind donor from Whitstable Baptist Church. The boys will now be able to travel to church, events, days outs, to the doctors if needed, and to other appointments and places with much greater ease and security. The home will also be able to purchase food and supplies much more easily.

July – Mike and Alex cycle to Greece for COG

In the summer of 2016, our director Mike and his close friend Alex cycled 2000 miles to Athens from Kent to raise money for Children of Grace Home. Both have previously done challenges for COG: Alex walked 450 miles across the alps, and Mike cycled 700 miles across Spain. This was their biggest challenge and they raised over £3000! You can still donate at this link: Alex and Mike Cycle

Update video from Mike

A video update from our director Mike from July 2016. Featuring update on the building work, a tuk-tuk and a cycle trip! Watch the video here: Children of Grace Home Update – Summer 2016

Building work almost complete

The orphanage is almost complete! The boys are expected to move to their new home in October. They are currently living in our sister orphanage (next door to COG), along with 100 other children. We are told they cannot wait to move in!

New auto-rickshaw

The auto-rickshaw has arrived! We asked for prayers for a vehicle over a year ago and God has now blessed the children with their own auto-rickshaw. This vehicle (named Bas) will take the children to church, events, and days out, and will helping with other things such as grocery shops and medical trips if necessary. Here are the boys on their very first trip in Bas! Click here for more info.

Building work complete

Building work is complete! This has been our goal since the charity began in 2012, so thank you to everyone who has helped made this possible through prayer and/or support. The children will be moving in once their bunk-beds are fitted! For more info click here. 

Video update from Ben

A video update from our trustee Ben, including updates on building work, a new tuk-tuk, fundraising and the future.  Please click here to watch the video.

The boys move into their new home

The day we have all eagerly been waiting for finally arrived with the 12 boys moving into their new home. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped make this possible. The boys were ecstatic on the day they moved in and have all settled in well. For more info click here.


12 boys move into our sister orphanage

12 boys moved into Children of Faith Ministries. This was a big step for all the boys as they moved away from their homes into new surroundings. They will live here temporarily, with 100 other children, while Children of Grace Home is being built next door.

Land for the home purchased

Land for the home was purchased! Thank you to everyone who helped us raise the £11000 needed to purchase it. The land is 300 square yards and first phase of construction will include a home suitable for 20 children.

Paul’s 52-mile ultra-marathon

Paul Keen took part in a 52-mile ultra-marathon to raise money for Children of Grace. Even though he sustained a slight injury he managed to finish the full 52 miles and helped raise around £1000! His friends and trustees of COG welcomed him at the finish line.

Indian tea party for COG

An Indian tea party was hosted outside Whitstable Baptist Church. Many prayers were sent asking for blue skies in a month where rain was very much common and God answered with one of the best days of the year. Many people, even day trippers to Whitstable, stopped by to enjoy a range of teas, cakes and sandwiches in the sunshine. Stalls, a cake contest, an Indian quiz and face painting all brought added bonuses to a wonderful day where over £1000 was raised for the home.


November 2014 – Mike’s cycle across Spain

In the winter of 2014, our head trustee, Mike, rode 1000 km across Spain on the pilgrimage route ‘Camino de Santiago’ in aid of Children of Grace Home. Mike faced endless hills, days of rain and even a patch of snow, raising over £1000 for the home.

July 2013 – Ben, Alex and Greg hike across the Alps

Ben, Alex and Greg embarked on a 400-mile hike across the Alps in aid of Children of Grace Home. The boys endured freezing cold temperatures and blistered feet but were rewarded with a cold beer in Monaco, raising over £1000 for the charity during the start up phase.

September 2012 – COG begins

Five school friends who had recently started a Bible study together, decide to found a Charity charity with the view of building an orphanage in Visakhapatnam, India. The friends, all 19 at the time, had been praying for a way in which to serve God together. Mike Cadge, the current director of COG, received an email from the founder of Children of Faith Missions in India (where Mike had taught English the year before), asking if he would like to be involved with starting a new orphanage. This was the answer to the prayer, and Children of Grace Home became a charity in September 2012.