Funding Progress for Two New Rooms

We are currently raising money to complete the next phase of the project, which is to build two new bedrooms. You can see the progress below. If you’re interested in giving to this part of the project, then follow this link.


Raised so far: 74%


Every donation we receive is used in India.  The cost of sponsoring a child is £25 a month, though much of our regular income comes from donations of as little as £5-£10 a month. This £25 provides a child with shelter, education, food, and important resources such as clothes and school supplies. If you wish to sponsor a child for £25 a month, please contact us via email or post and we will be in contact with you.

One-off donations are generally used for specific purposes such as for land purchase, building work, home appliances, school supplies and bunk-beds. Currently, we are raising funds for expanding the home to add two new rooms so that the home can accommodate 24 children in total. We are also raising money for a college fund for when the children finish school at 16 years old.

If you would like to know more about the two new rooms or to donate towards building them, please click here to go to our fundraising pageFor all other online donations, we do one-off or monthly donations through Virgin Money Giving, a not-for-profit organisation that deals with donations and sponsored events for COG. We also take donations through, a Christian not-for-profit that deals with donations for Christian charities.

You can also donate through bank transfer, through paypal or by cheque. If you wish to donate through either of these methods and/or want a donation to go to a specific cause, please email or write to us and we will give details on how to do so.

Another way of giving is by registering with EasyFundraising. This will enable you to donate a percentage of your online purchases on many major online stores. It is completely free of charge to you as the companies make the donations. (Be sure to download to internet extension when you register!)