25590091_10155910493053428_1621749787_nThe now head trustee, Mike, had previously been to India on his gap year in 2011 to teach English at an orphanage called Children of Faith Ministries, home to over 100 children. When he returned home, he and his friends set up a Bible study and sought a way to serve the community with the spare time.

After some time after Mike returned home from India, Anand Thandu, who runs Children of Faith Ministries with his wife Rosie, emailed Mike with the idea of building a new sister orphanage in order to support more children. Mike and his friends from his Bible study group believed this was God’s answer to prayer and agreed to help start the new home. This is where Children of Grace Home began.

The home is testimony to how God answers prayer, to His special love for children, and to how He can use ordinary people for His glory. It is a story of joy and of how God’s grace and love can reach the hearts of children in every corner of the world.

Children of Grace is now home to boyztwelve boys, all from impoverished and poor backgrounds, with most having lost one or both parents from a young age. Without the home, they would likely be working on the streets, begging for an existence, and at risk to illegal or degrading activities. They would also be likely to be deprived of an education, a happy childhood, and a secure future. However, they are now provided with shelter, a nourishing diet, a good education at a local school, and a home where they feel safe, loved and happy, and a place where Christ is centred. 

COG’s goal is not only to provide a home for these boys, but to provide them with assistance, love, and the resources needed to grow in wisdom and character so that they are adequately prepared for adult life and to serve others in the future.

In January 2015, 12 boys moved into Children of Faith Ministries, our sister orphanage home to over 100 children, some from up to 500 miles away. 
The land for the home was purchased in 2015 and construct16107325_10158152182595512_2960827430251054568_oion was completed in December 2016, with the boys moving into their new home in the same month. In early 2018, four new boys arrived at the home, meaning the home now accommodates for 16 children.

Donations and the kind work of those working for the children ensure that all the children are, and will be, provided with shelter, education, food, care, and a loving family in which Christ is centred.